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Hockey World League Final: New Zealand vs. Netherlands for title

Fight for final title is going to be very interesting, where champion Australia defeated by Netherlands by 4-3 and on other side in second semi-final New Zealand win over England by 7-6 in penalty shoot-out.

As on the result of semi final match Netherlands going to face New Zealand in the finals. In both semi finals played at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium Netherlands and New Zealand defeated two champion teams respectively Australia and England on Friday.
Netherlands win over champion Australia by 4-3 in second thrilling semi final matches and the win of New Zealand over England in penalty shootout in first semi final, as in first semi final match both teams New Zealand and England finished with 3-3 in fixed time.

Now for the third-fourth place England and Australia will face each other in the play-off match tomorrow on Saturday. Both teams will try their best to securing the third position in the Hero Hockey World League Final tournament.

In the second semi match, Constantijn Jonker did first goal from the Netherlands side. As in the twelfth minute of the game Jonker’s reverse stick shot found the way to Australia’s net, Netherlands took lead by 1 goal in starting of the match. On the other side Australian team was unable to make up the chances to get their first goal. Netherland’s Mink Van Der Weerden put another goal by penalty corner and takes a big lead of 2-0 in the half way mark.

After hard work Australian came back in the game and scored their first goal through Kieran Govers who converted a penalty corner into goal. Just after that goal in five minutes Russell Ford leveled the score by doing one more goal from Australian side. After all by hard work Australian team able to make a lead of 3-2 by the goal of Courtesy Govers. Incidentally it was Gover’s 6th goal in this tournament which making him the top scorer in this nation event.

Five minute remaining in the match Van Der Weerden changed the whole picture of the game when he again converted the penalty corner in the goal and put the game out of the reach of Australia.

Earlier in same day, in first semi final match New Zealand incidentally win over England in penalty corners after having defeated in quarterfinal by Argentina. In the match both teams tried their best and final result at the end of fixed time was 3-3. New Zealand team make a lead of 4 goals in penalty corners but Goal keeper George Pinner from England side made some great saves for his team. But finally Marcus Child breached the defense of England team and scored a goal for New Zealand.

From England side 2 goals were rewarded for New Zealand in early time but goal from Ashley Jackson equalize the score with New Zealand. In shoot outs both sides remained level in first five attempts. The match become very excited, and finally Phil Burrows Became the hero from New Zealand side when he converted final penalty shoot in a goal.

Now this final match between New Zealand and Netherland going to be very interesting as both teams doing great in this tournament.

Hockey World League Final: Tie between India and Germany

Following the big defeat to Australia that put India out of the semifinals of the tournament, India save some pride of the country in play-off game against Germany. In fifth-eighth game of play-off India beat the Olympic champion Germany on Friday.

On Thursday match against Australia, in the lead of the captain Sardar Singh Indian team took the initial lead of 2 goals in the starting of the match but the end result was a very big defeat of 2-7 in the quarterfinal match. After this hammering defeat against Australia India having the last chance to save the pride in play-off against Germany.

Germany, the team which was also not in a good form in this tournament already lost the quarterfinal tie against Netherlands by 1-2. In comparison with Germany, where Germany finished with one loss, one win and one tie in three matches, on other hand India having 2 losses and one tie without any win in the tournament.

In the group stage match between these two sides ended with 3-3 tie which was good for Indian coach Terry Walsh and also inspiring for the team for play-off games.

In the initial stage of the match against Australia, the co-ordination was very good between Indian midfield and forward line to put Australia on back foot. But, as the game progressed, Indian went on back foot due to the physical fitness level and fatigue of Australian team. The coach of Indian team “Terry Walsh” also agreed on the point of fitness. He also said that the level of Australian fitness was high in comparison to Indian team. He also said that “the start was very positive. We were able to put Australia under pressure in starting 20 mins. But physiologically we were very low in front of Australia”.

In the game against Germany resulting 3-3 tie proved that India is a good side in the game and the coach hopes that his team will do good in the future and will improve their game according to time.

Now if, India loses the match on Friday they will face either Argentina or Belgium. And on the other side, the first semifinal will be between England and New Zealand while second between Australia and Netherlands.

Let’s see what can happen there with the result of tournament. Who is going to win the title, will depend on the game how fair the team play the match.

Asia Cup U-19 , India beats Pakistan

176025India’s comprehensive win by 40 runs over Pakistan to clinch the Asia Cup U-19 title. Contrasting hundreds by the captain Vijay Zol and Sanju Samson made it possible for team India.

Centuries by these two players leads to win Asia cup final on Saturday in Sharjah. While in comparing to Samson ,Zol made his hundred in 120 balls with help of 7 fours and 2 sixes other side Samson just made it on 87 balls with help of 8 fours and 4 sixes.
The partnership of these two batsman help India to reach a good total of 314 runs on the loss of 8 wickets in 50 overs.

In response Pakistan team just able to reach the score of 274 runs on loss of 9 wickets. From the Pakistan side Kamran Ghulam tried to fight and hit a not out century, but no other batsman was there to help him in winning the match. Kamran Ghulam scored 102* with help of 12 boundaries.

Batting first, India started well with their openers Ankush Bains 47 runs and other side Akhil 12 runs. Openers scored 65 runs on the board in just 6.4 overs.

From Pakistan side medium pacer Zia Ul Haq take first wicket of Akhil and on the score of 85 runs India lost their 2 wickets as Bains was out by leg spinner Kamran Ali. After these two breakthroughs Indian captain Zol and young talent Sanju Samson started to play their innings. Partnership of 180 runs between these two batsmen for third wicket leads India to reach big total.

Both the batsman played superb inning by rotating strike taking singles and hitting hard any loose delivery. After getting set on the ground both players hit centuries.

And finally Karamat takes the wicket of Zol and broke the partnership. After departure of Indian Captain Sanju Samson hit two sixes in the same over and unfortunately got out after that. But at the time of Samson departure score was 286-4 in 44.1 overs.

From Pakistan bowling side Zafar Gohar, Zia-ul-Haq and Karamat each bowler took 2 wickets and Kamran Ghulam took a single wicket.

Chasing this big target Pakistan faltered from the beginning of the match as they loose their top order batsman Imam-Ul-Haq (18), Saifullah Khan (3), Hasan Raza (1) and Mohd. Umair on 17 runs. At that time score was 88 runs with loss of 4 wickets. But from other side captain Aslam hold the wicket and played a superb inning with Ghulam to 5 wicket partnership of 93 runs.

But luck was not in favor of Pakistan Indian bowler Aamir Gani took the wicket of captain Aslam and breaks the partnership. But from the other side Ghulam started to play aggressive shots and reached his not out hundred but it was not enough to Pakistan to reach the target.

From Indian side of bowling Kuldeep Yada took 3 wickets on 72 runs, Deepak Hooda 2 wickets on 37 and Gani and Milind each took 2 wickets to stop Pakistan.

Last year too these two teams reached in final but the match ended with tie. But this time Indians played well and luck was also with them and win this Asia Cup.

Sachin-The God of Cricket (Biography)


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born in Mumbai on 24th April, 1973. In his life he picked the cricket bat when he was 11 years of age. He was the youngest test cricket player for Indian, playing his first Test match at the age of 16. Sachin was the first cricketer to score 35 centuries in Test matches.

In year of 2007 Sachin created one more record to completing 15,000 runs in ODI’S. And finally after great career and many milestones “God of Cricket” announced his retirement from one-day and Test cricket.

In Early Days

Sachin was born in Mumbai in a middle class family. His father Ramesh Tendulkar was a professor while his mother was working for an Insurance company. He was the youngest child of his parent’s.
Named as Sachin because of his families favorite music director Sachin Dev. He was not a gifted student, but he always shown his skills and become a great athlete. At the age of 14 he proved his skills when he made 329 runs in a single match and made a record partnership of 664 runs with Vinod Kambli. After that record Sachin become very popular in Mumbai boys in school days.

After completing his metric education Sachin was enrolled to Kirti College Mumbai where his father was also working that time. This decision was made because he was very close of his parent’s. And this is proved after that too when Sachin achieved fame and stardom he used to live next door to his parents.

Professional Career

Sachin started his career in age of 16. His first debut international match was against Pakistan. In a very short time of his career in age of 18 he made 2 centuries against Australia. After that the journey of Sachin was started which never ends. In 1994 he made 179 runs against the strong team of West Indies.

He becomes the captain of Indian team when he was just 23 year of age. In 1996 World Cup he was the captain of Indian Cricket Team. When one side the World Cup was very disappointed to India he never loses his confident and become the top scorer of the World Cup 1996.

His dominance to his game has continued, even with increasing of age. He scored his 35th record breaking 100 in 2005. And in 2007 become the first player to score 15,000 runs. In 2010 breaking one more record Sachin become the first player to score 13,000 runs in test cricket.

Just one month later of scoring 13,000 test runs Sachin scored a double century in One Day match against South Africa and named as ICC Cricketer of the Year.

In his long career in 2011 he becomes the part of World Cup winning Indian Team. During the World Cup he created one more record to become first player to score 2000 runs with 6 centuries in World Cup matches.

After all the great record and fair play in 2013 Sachin said good bye to Cricket. He declared retirement from all forms of Cricket.

Now, The God is not in the game but his great works and records will be forever in history of cricket and in heart of every cricket lover. He is truly a legend.

Tips To Become a Much Better in Golf

thIf you knew enough about Golf as the professional do, it would be advantage for you to learning the tips to becoming much better Golfer. However, this article will help to getting some important skills to become successful Golfer.

First thing which is very helpful to improve your game skills is your stance. Knowing the perfect stance for your game will be very helping. Finding the proper stance based on the variety of your body can better your skills.
Before buying the new clubs you may ask the professionals which club should be buying. They can help you finding the club which suits you best and will suggest you new and good clubs too.

The other thing which is very important in the game is “The Grip”. Most of the new learners think that the harder grip will help them to hit the shot long. But it is not fact.
Try to hold the grip proper and firm. You can also take the advice of instructors on the field; they will surely help you to know the way of grip the stick.

Most important thing is “Don’t be so serious in game”. If you are able to laugh at you and learn to know you mistakes it will be helpful to make you relax and you will be more succeed in game. Learn you faults and try to make them correct it is the good thing of a good player.

When about to play your shot, always ensure that your left hand is facing the ball and maintain you stance too. By doing this, you will be able to maintaining control over the club and on the direction of ball.

Always try to carry some nuts and snack which are source of nutrition. Because during the game you need both mental and physical strength. Food with protein will help you to maintain you mental focus on game as well as give your muscles physical strength.

One thing which should be noticed is, when you about to drive, back part of your front foot should be lined up with you golf ball in your stance. Your ball should be placed in center between your feet.
And as earlier discussed take a perfect stance before your drive. Standing too tall and slouching both can make a negative impact on your game.

You should be prepared by both physically and mentally in the game. You should be stress less when you are on the field, whatever stressful condition you facing should be left for that time. While on the golf course your mind should be free and relaxed.

Wearing of proper shoes according to Golf is mandatory. Because proper shoes always help you to take proper stance and easy walking which is most important in the game. So, always carry your golfing shoes with you when you are on Golf Course.

If you are in love with Golf then you can use all these tips in your game and for sure it will help you to reach the success and be a winner in the game.